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We Take Care of Your Data Baseline

Our bread & butter. For over a decade we have been building reliable data pipelines with a strong focus on scalability, security, maintainability and automation in e.g. media, finance & banking, retail, FMCG sectors. Drop us a line if you need a helping hand in:
  • Collecting and transforming data with ETL/ELT processes in batch and streaming fashion
  • Providing required infrastructure components in an automated way by applying best DevOps practices with CI/CD and IaC
  • Optimizing and cleaning datasets to let data analysts and data scientists purely focus on insights to business stakeholders
With over a decade of experience architecting data lakes, we understand there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Whether you require on-prem setups for stronger market requirements or multi-cloud environments for enhanced redundancy, we have you covered.
Which cloud provider from the BIG 3 is the one for your business & why? How to utilize its full potential? How will you make sure it will be worth the cost?
With us, you will be able to:
  • Define cloud migration strategy and evaluating migration costs and needs to select the most suitable cloud environment
  • Execute migration process with minimal disruption to normal operation, at the lowest cost, and over the shortest period of time
  • Monitor all the changes in the critical infrastructure to predict and reduce possible workload contentions
  • Review applications, databases and required components in terms of performance, availability and security
Having proper ML architecture is one thing, but your business will not thrive without:
  • Identifying and building an appropriate ML models to make faster and more accurate predictions
  • Evaluating and tuning your models to improve their performance
  • Deploying the model to production reliably and efficiently with MLOps practices & proper  architecture
  • Automation-driven maintenance of your models to take corrective actions in case of performance degradation
Take advantage of your real data capabilities with our Data Lake Platform and give your business the boost it needs with:
  • Repeatable and reliable data & delivery processes
  • Implementation of tools and strategies for efficient data workflows
  • Measures to ensure all your data’s integrity and accuracy
  • Strategies to manage and reduce cloud expenses

The biggest hurdle to using AI is lack of mature data capabilities

Julie SweetAccenture’s CEO
Our Data Science Platform is aimed to do exactly that – prepare your company to start implementing AI & ML solutions.
It’s a threshold to your MLOps, AI & deep data science projects
Cloud manufacturing, when introduced properly, is a transformative power in traditional manufacturing processes.

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